Dance for arthritis, chronic pain and seniors

In this video Dr. Andrea Furlan will demonstrate how to dance bolero, which is a slow-tempo music style originated from Spain. The dance has 4 groups of 8 steps each. For a printout of the steps check out: The above was retrieved from Dr. Andrea Furlan's youtube channel:

15 – Minute Sample Workout for Older Adults In this 15-minute video that features exercises for seniors, Go4Life fitness instructor Sandy Magrath leads older adults through a workout featuring a warm up; strength, flexibility, and balance exercises; and a cool down. Designed specifically for adults over age 50, this workout can be done at home, at work, at the gym—almost anywhere! You'll... Continue Reading →

Workout Wednesday

The Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults Yoga cultivates a mind-body connection, combining stretching and strengthening postures with deep breathing and relaxation. Despite its roots in Eastern philosophy, yoga as practiced in the West is generally focused on physical fitness. It still has a spiritual aspect, but it is not overtly religious. People of all faiths... Continue Reading →

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