February Fitness

Exercise for older adults

We are into the second week of February already – hope you all have been enjoying the warmer winter days lately.

Do you prefer to do your exercise indoors🏠 or outdoors⛺?

🏃‍♂️Physical exercise is about more than losing weight and has many more other health benefits!

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  1. Hi – could you give me some information on how many steps/km there are for activities such as house hold chores.Thanks.Susan PutzSent from my Galaxy

    1. Every 1 KILOMETRE = 1300 STEPS = 15 MINUTES
      To convert time to kilometers, divide your total time by 15 – e.g. 300min divided by 15 = 20 km.

      You can also calculate your totals in hours by dividing the total time by 0.25.
      e.g. 5 hours divided by 0.25 = 20 KM

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