Move to the Beat at our February Event!

Moving to the Beat: Honouring Black History Month

When: Monday, February 13 – 1 pm Online via ZOOM

African Master Drummer Joseph Ashong asserts that drumming makes you feel well in mind, body, and spirit and includes all in community.  You enter feeling down, and leave smiling.  African Drumming typically includes drum, voice, movement, and community.  From our heartbeat, our breathing, the pulsing of our blood, our movements such as walking and running, our lives are filled with rhythm and we are MOVING TO THE BEAT.

1.  Allen Ssemmanda: A dedicated woman drummer from Uganda Canadian Association of Saskatchewan and African Descent Professional Associates (UCAS & AdPA), doing community educational work on respect of diversity promoting equality of human dignity and human rights values and exposing the continued promotion of race ideology as part of promoting racism.

2.Vic Dyck:  Drummer and Tech specialist for Recording, editing, and posting. Has worked with Cathedral Arts Festival, Ugandan Canadian Association Saskatchewan, and several world drum bands including Spirit of the Drum, Tribal Vibes, and Lincoln Loggers.  A Doumbek specialist who often plays with Middle Eastern Dance Association.

3.  Joanne Crofford: World Drum Specialist, workshops, teaching, performance.  Performance member of The Ghanadians, Skin and Bone, Jambalay, and Tuesday Night Jam.  Has drummed with people from African, Middle East, Latin America, including Cuba, Brazil and Columbia.  Long time advocate for diversity and inclusion.  Offers regular drum classes and drum circles at Boomtown Drum teaching studio and store.

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