Prairie Peace Pilgrims

My snow-couple making event is quite a contrast to this photo taken of me, Joyce Tremmel, Jan.28th. I am from Planet Earth walking on the Great Trail although you may not think so! I have been writing haiku when on my walks. Here is one of them:

It’s cold,I walk fast.
In silence the trees greet me.
Mindfulness happens.

It’s fun so I am putting out a challenge to all Globe Walkers to submit haiku. The website:, tells how to write a haiku in  4 easy steps. I quote “Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry made of short, unrhymed lines that evoke natural imagery. Haiku can come in a variety of formats of short verses, though the most common is a three-lined poem with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.”

Snow Couple – Perfect Replica of Me and My Husband

After my daily walk I , Joyce Tremmel, felt called to build a snowman. Much to my surprise it turned into a snow couple – a perfect replica of me and my husband! Unfortunately there were no grandkids to help me build it or to serve hot chocolate to afterwards – boohoo!

I encountered the Cree word “asohtewak” when reading a story written by our newly appointed Parliamentary Poet Laureate , Louise Halfe, for the Folklore Magazine. I love the meaning which she said ‘ loosely translated means hearts walking together”.

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