Watch this for inspiration …

We have our own version of “Captain Tom” the British WWII veteran who raised money for the health service – except she is older and female (she is also a veteran).  She may be “nearly blind” and 101, but nothing will keep Joy Saunders from using her daily walk for a good cause.  Joy is planning to walk her .8km route 102 times before her 102nd birthday in October for charity.

Saunders thinks she’ll easily reach her goal “long before” her birthday.  “I don’t want to waste any time because I might not make the last round, you know. I’m not going to live forever,” Saunders said with a chuckle.

Donations will go to the VON. The VON nurses and staff go into people’s homes “no matter what,” Saunders said, “which is especially nerve-racking in the middle of a pandemic”. Two of the victims of the recent mass shooting were VON nurses.

(from CBC news)

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