What a recovery – April Kilometres …

Globe Walkers have certainly made the most of their time during the Covid lockdown.  While some teams lost some members (temporarily), many participants doubled down on their exercise regimens.  Globe Walkers produced results that were close to January totals (and higher than March).

The total kilometres earned in April was 222,603!  Amazing!

How does it feel to be looking out over the Great Wall of China (WE MADE IT!)

Here is a snapshot of our 2020 journey. 

7-wonders-of-the-ancient-world-map-8_World Atlas

This season, the Saskatoon teams were joined by teams from Regina.  They completed their first successful  Globe Walk season.  We look forward to seeing them back next year, and to helping them grow the way we did.

Thanks to all 2020 Globe Walkers, from both cities, for making a success of this season in spite of a pandemic.  And thanks to all of our dedicated Captains who helped motivate us.

We hope everyone continues to exercise over the summer.  The Globe Walk season may be over but the positive benefits of exercise will continue (and who knows – the weather might even get warm).

Our coordinators and volunteers from both Saskatoon and Regina, look forward to working with all of our teams again when Globe Walk 2021 begins. A new season with a new goal. 

We will continue to post here over the summer – so check back often!  Stay safe and well everyone.  A high five and a pat on the back for all of you!


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