March Kilometres

I am really excited to report the kilometres for March.  When fitness programs stopped running and our office closed, I expected that the kilometres for March would drop drastically.  While they did drop a little, it is obvious that Globe Walkers have found  ways to stay fit, either together or alone.  However you did it – give yourself a pat on the back.

In February we earned 241,525 km.  In March we accumulated 212,218 km – which I think is fantastic given the current situation.  Imagine earning all those kilometres while social distancing!  Globe Walkers are absolutely phenomenal!

Since I currently can’t scan our map, you will have to visualize and mark your own maps.  I will tell you that we have passed Rome (the Colosseum) and we are well on the way to the Great Wall.  You can mark the line on your map from the Taj Mahal to Petra, then to RoFEBRUARY KMme and past that to about where the word “Italy” starts.


A big thanks to our GW Captains who are helping their teams through these trying times. And congratulations to all Globe Walkers for a great March accomplishment.

Let’s keep this going throughout April – we can do it!  On to the Great Wall.


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