Our Next Stop – the Taj Mahal – One of the World’s Most Beautiful Buildings


The Taj Mahal was built to house the of Emperor Shah Jihan’s favourite wife ( Mumtaz Mahal).  It attracts more than 1 million tourists every year.

Here are some interesting facts about the Taj Mahal:

  1. This intricate work of art and architectural genius took more than 17 years to complete.  It was built by 22,000 labourers and tradesmen.  Building materials were brought to the site by 1000 elephants.
  2. Today’s building costs would be almost 1 billion dollars US
  3. The most recognizable feature, the onion dome, rises 35 metres (115 feet)
  4. The four minarets were built on a slight angle so that they would fall away from the tomb in case of a earthquake
  5. Legend says that the Emperor intended to build a second Taj, across the river, in black marble
  6. The hue of the marble changes at different times of the day from pink to milky white to golden – it was said to reflect the moods of the Emperor’s wife
  7. The Taj was concealed during WWII.  It was covered with a huge scafford and made to appear like a stockpile of bamboo
  8. Cars and buses are prohibited from coming within 500 metres of thr Taj Mahal to prevent exhaust from tarnishing the exterior.
(unsplash.com   mental floss.com    tourmyindia    uniglobecarefreetravel.com)




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