By special request …

At our January Globe Walk event we showed a film on the Wonders of the World.  Everyone enjoyed it so much, that captains are asking to show it to their groups.

There are three ways to do that.  I have a copy on a USB drive and I also have a DVD copy.  If you are interested, call us at 306 652-0027 or come into the SCOA office to arrange to borrow it.  You can also find it on You Tube.  For some reason, I can’t put in a link without the movie itself showing up on the page.  However, if you search You Tube for “The 7 New Wonders of the Ancient World” it will come up.  It is just over an hour long.

I previously posted information on Chichen Itza.  Watch for the next post on Machu Picchu.

For your interest, here is the map of the Globe Walk 2020 destinations route.  I will post this map each month, with our progress marked on it.

Wonders map

Stay Warm everyone





The 7 New Wonders of the Ancient World

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