The 2020 Globe Walk Has Been Launched!

Almost 150 Globe Walkers turned out for our official 2020 Launch on January 6th.  What a great day!

The film “The Seven New Wonders of the World” was fantastic.  It showed not only the sties in all their splendor, but it informed us about the background and legends/stories of each site.  We nibbled on popcorn as we were inspired by each of our 2020 destinations.

We followed that with a upbeat session of Zumba, choreographed for older adults.  Thanks to (instructor) Lena who led the class.  What fun!

Thanks to our sponsors, partners and especially our volunteers for helping make our first social event of 2020 a huge success.

Our next social event will be on Thursday, February 13.  Check back for details.

CAPTAINS:  If any of you would like to show the film to your group, as a motivational tool, let me know.  I have it on both DVD and USB.


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