Globe Walk April Event – Chaos Theory in Action …

Our April event was informative and all kinds of fun!  What do you call 112 people, with walking poles, in  a confined space…Chaos! (but in a good way).

While our poling session didn’t go quite as planned, everyone got to learn how to use them and then try them out.  Everyone came away smiling.  Thanks to Kimberly Willison for leading the session (her new T-Shirt should say “I survived Globe Walk Poling”).

The balance presentation was well done and the participants learned a lot about improving balance.  Thanks to Danelle Banman (U of S).

We were joined by Alice Samkoe, the new Coordinator for the Regina Globe Walk pilot beginning in May.  We are all excited about expansion of our great program.

It was a wonderful afternoon.  I will post some photos next week, as soon as I download them.  Thanks to all of our great volunteers who helped make the day a success.

I hope everyone is looking forward to our final event of the year – the Celebration Luncheon which will take place on Friday, May 10th.  If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you can purchase them at the SCOA office.  For more information call 306 652-0027 or email

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