Saving the Planet – One Bottle at a Time …

The Globe Walspring-fling-fun-clipart-1k Committee would like to encourage the use of personal af81cdbb-3e9b-4baf-bfd2-100520ce534a1538971788798-Sportigoo-Men-Blue--Black-PRO-Z-Translucent-Water-Bottle-1011538971788554-1water bottles at our events,  rather than the plastic throw away/recycle type that we have provided in the past.

To inspire you to bring your personal water bottle to the “Spring Fling, we will enter your name in a draw when you show us your water bottle.  You could win a universal phone holder, similar to the one shown here.Universal holder

You can fill your water bottles at the event

What a great idea – have fun  and improve your health by, attending our March 13th “Spring Fling”  event, and help our environment at the same time.

Don’t forget to register – call 306 652-0037 or email   I hope to see you there.


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