Where the Buffalo Roam …

Elk Island National Park is home to 44 species of mammals ranging from North America’s largest (the woods bison) to it’s smallest (the pygmy shrew).

It is also a fenced refuge for the protection and preservation of 3000 head of hoofed mammals, one of the highest concentrations of big game animals in the world.  It   may be the only place in Canada where you can get stuck in a bison traffic jam.

The park has more than 250 lakes, ponds and wetlands over 20% of its surface area.  In total the area is 194 square kilometres (75 sq mi).  Trembling aspen appears on the higher slopes and paper birch on the lower wetlands. In the central region are the black spruce bogs with muskeg vegetation.

Elk Island gets magical in the winter.  On select days in December and January, you can “Snowshoe and Stargaze.” With the help of a Parks Canada guide, you’ll embark upon an epic hiking quest through the snow with the stars guiding your way.

Like all our national parks, there are plenty of trails.  Each trail is an opportunity to view different wildlife. For information and maps go to:  https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/ab/elkisland/activ/experiences/a.


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