Go where the trail leads …

Check out some of the incredible scenery that you might encounter on your hike in Grassland National Park, which has both front and back country hiking and backpacking.

Here a few suggestion for trails in both east and west blocks of Grasslands.  There are many more.  For maps follow this link:  https://www.pc.gc.ca/trails?region=CP&park=100209.

  • #1. Zahursky’s Trail. MODERATE – 11 km (high ground and valley views)
  • #2. Broken Hills Trail. HARD –  11.2 km (mule deer and soaring hawks abound)
  • #3. Tipi Ridge Trail. EASY 2km (teepee rings overlooking Frenchman River Valley)
  • #4. Eagle Butte Trail. MODERATE 16 km (common and rare flowers in spring/summer)
  • #5. 70 Mile Butte Trail  MODERATE 4.1 km (takes you the highest point in the park)
  • #6. Butte Creek Trail. MODERATE 16 km (navigate a creek crossing)
  •  #7. Valley of 1000 Devils Trail 12 km – Back country (hoodoos)

As the end of January is fast approaching and we have a lot of ground to cover, we will be on our way the Waterton National Park next.







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