Amazing Trail Choices in Prince Albert National Park

104207Hiking the Prince Albert National Park offers many opportunities for both day trips and backcountry excursions. The park also offers quite possibly the most famous hike in Saskatchewan, the Grey Owl Cabin hike. (An overnight 20km hike to where Grey Owl’s cabin still stands.)  The park is open all four seasons.  Their are trails ranging from easy to difficult, from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

Let’s start with two of the longer trails – Elk Trail (about 80 km round trip) and Grey Owl Trail (40 km round trip)

Elk Trail was built by conscientious objectors during World War 2. These workers carved out the trail through the surrounding aspen forest to create a fantastic easy to navigate trail. Elk Trail is a multi-use trail so you can bring your horses or bikes on the trail as well.  The first section of the hike will take you along the shores of Sandy Lake. Once you pass Sandy Lake its about 4km before you get to Kapesiwin Lake and 6km to where the trail splits to Fish Lake or Camp Lake. Elk Trail passes many pristine wetland habitats, which are home to thousands of birds.


elk trail

The hike to Grey Owl’s cabin in Prince Albert National Park can be described as a“Hiker’s Pilgrimage.” The story of Grey Owl and his dedication to conservation  speaks strongly with anyone who likes to spend their time in the wilderness. Spending a weekend to visit his cabin and final resting place is a must for anyone who loves Saskatchewan’s hiking trails.  Most people take two days and one night to complete the trip.grey owl's cabin wnterSAMSUNG CSCkingsmere and grey owl trailkingsmere river trail 2







That is a beaver lodge, inside the cabin, at the end of the cot – no wonder Grey Owl’s wife and daughter lived in a second cabin!

Watch for more on the Prince Albert National Park Trails this week.




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