More Globe Walk Destinations (before the Prince Albert National Park)


The trails just 17km north of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan on Highway 11 offer a gEb's Trail Duck Lakereat day escape from the city. There are 52km of trails that intersect throughout the network.  These trails are specifically designed for Nordic or Cross-country skiing and in the winter can only be used by skiers.  If you don’t own a pair of ski’s there are many places that will rent you a pair for the day.

While this trail system is qualified within Central Saskatchewan, it looks nothing like the prairies of the south. Just on the edge of the boreal forest, it offers pituresque scenery of the forest only 60 minutes from Saskatoon.


Batoche National Historic Site

Beautiful trails, guided tourmaxresdefaults, interpretive signage, historic silhouettes and viewing areas offer a glimpse into the historic battle between the Metis and First Nations, and General Middleton’s Canadian Forces.


Fort Carlton

Fort Carlton was an important hub for theFort Carlton Provincial Park - teepees Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) from 1810 – 1885. Located on the North Saskatchewan River and with easy access by land, this site was an ideal place to warehouse goods and gather provisions for other posts.

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