Globe Walk National Parks Route 2019

Globe Walkers – Get ready for January!  Here is the map of the Canadian National Parks.  The route is marked in green.  The red star in the middle is Saskatoon.  The other red stars are a special type of park.  Our first park is, of course, Prince Albert National Park, followed by Grasslands.  We continue west, and then north, down the east coast, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba then home.Park Plan second try

I will be posting photos and facts about the parks, trails and interesting sites on a regular basis.  I will also post our progress each month.

Please share this page with other Globe Walkers and team mates and ask them to follow our blog (on the right hand side of our home page) so that they will have access to the map and information. Or follow us on facebook

Here is something to get you thinking about winter park possibilities.


CAPTAINS:  SEE YOU ON JANUARY 7, 2019 FOR THE GLOBE WALK LAUNCH!  Room 3 at the Fieldhouse 1:30 pm


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