The Importance of Fitness for Older Adults


The Importance of Fitness in the Older Adult

Becoming active – especially as an older adult – can energize our mood, relieve stress and anxiety, help manage symptoms of illness and pain and improve our overall feelings of well being.

  • To keep independence in everyday living for as long as you possibly can.
    “Not adding years to your life but rather adding life to your years”
  • To allow you to continue doing all the things that you love to do – and to have the strength andenergy to learn new things as well.
  • To reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease – improving the immune system, which also help with High BP, obesity, digestive functions, loss of bone and muscle mass, some forms of cancer etc.
  • To reduce the risk of falling and fracturing and/or breaking bones
    • by creating stronger muscles, better flexibility, greater mobility and greater balance as well as increasing bone density.
  • To increase stamina and energy
  • To improve your sleep – as exercise can help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply and waking up more energetic and refreshed.
  • For weight loss and/or weight maintenance – by increasing the metabolism (which decreases considerably as we age) by building more muscle mass which, in turn, burns more calories.
  • For the control and management of many medical conditions – such as Parkinson’s and osteoarthritis – exercise is paramount.
  • Exercise does amazing things for your brain!’
    • helps reduce anxiety and depression
    • improves feelings of well-being
    • boosts mood and self-confidence
    • gives more energy with feelings of being more alert and sharper
    • helps prevent memory loss and some cognitive decline.
      • (Dee Simpson, Personal Trainer, Vintage Fitness)

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