Globe Walk Makes The News


Our windup event – the Celebration Luncheon – took place yesterday and was a great success.  We had a full house once again.

The Star Phoenix interviewed our keynote speaker – Olympic Ambassador Colette
Bourgonje – as well as some of our very active Globe Walk participants who are over 90 years old.

You can read the article here:

Colette brought her Olympic medals and other memorabilia for display and as a great backdrop for some wonderful photo opportunities with her.  We were fortunate to have her as our guest at the luncheon.

Her message was all about setting goals – something that Globe Walkers have done a great job at.  Over the last 5 years almost 11,000 Globe Walkers have earned nearly 2 million miles!

As another Globe Walk comes to an end I want to thank all the Captains, team members, volunteers, organizers, sponsors and supporters for making Globe Walk 2018 a huge success.

I look forward to a new Globe Walk goal coming in 2019.  Have a wonderful summer.



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