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It’s never too late to start an exercise program …

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WillaOur inspiration of the day is Willa Asbornsen , who told her daughter she didn’t need to be in an assisted-living community. The 88 year-old wanted to move back home.

Her daughter was concerned about her aging mother’s ability to care for herself. The two women agreed to a compromise: Willa could move back home – if she worked out with a personal trainer to improve her strength and balance to ensure she was fit enough to care for herself.

Five years later, the now 93-year-old Willa is still living at home and thriving.   She is a shining example of how exercise can help enhance the quality of life for people of all ages.

Willa incorporates a weighted medicine ball along with modified push-ups, pull-ups, dumbbells, and other functional balance and strength exercises. On non-gym days she hikes her hilly neighborhood for 30 minutes using two canes.  Her goal is to maintain her strength, mobility, and flexibility.  She says it is never too late to start training, no matter your fitness level. 



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