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“Sorry” – the Canadian Way

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Hi everyone!  I know I said that I would post often during the summer.  I didn’t expect to be in a cast, typing by the hunt and peck method.  I broke my wrist early in July.   With that said – I will do my best to get back to posting.

Today’s Inspiration

untitled.png65 year old Canadian actor/comedian, Dan Aykroyd, gained fame as a member of “Saturday Night Live” and starred in blockbusters such as “Blued Brothers“, “Ghost Busters” and “Driving Miss Daisy”

You can’t really get much more Canadian than Mr. Aykrord.The actor was born in Ottawa on July 1 (Canada Day), 1952, to his father, an English-Canadian privy council officer for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet, and his mother, a French-Canadian secretary; not to mention his grandfather, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police staff-sergeant, and his Royal Canadian Navy uncle — so to say the man was steeped in total Canadianness from the beginning is an understatement. (Did we mention he was the first child born at Ottawa General Hospital on Canada Day that year? )

This year, for Canada’s 150th birthday he narrated the history series The World Without Canada, which examines what would have happened in history without our country’s existence — and Aykroyd insists that Earth would be a hellhole without Canadian impact and influence.



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