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In Japan, the third Monday of September is “Respect for the Aged Day”– National Holiday. It’s a paid holiday from work, and traditionally gifts are given to grandparents after sharing a festive meal with them.

greece In Greece the term “old man” is one of respect, not a slur. For example, all abbots in monasteries are addressed as “Geronda” which means “old man”.  The idea is one of honoring old age, identifying it with wisdom.


In Scotland –The cultural thinking — and the money — has shifted away from hospitals and toward preventative care. The Reshaping Care Program is making sure that older people are valued as an asset, their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives.


In Korea, turning 60 is a big deal.  60 years is considered a full cycle in the Asian Zodiac. A large birthday celebration is held for those who reach this milestone birthday.  A 70th birthday is celebrated with kohCui  which means “old and rare” – in the best sense.




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