SCOA Globe Walk

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Greetings Captains:

A big THANK YOU Captains for coming out yesterday and kicking off our Walk!  A wonderful time was had by all!!

Note that if you still haven’t received your t-shirt, you can pick it up at the SCOA office. Also, tell your team members that event t-shirts are available at cost – $10.

We presently have 67 teams registered with over 2135 team members – see list below. Remember that new teams and team members can continue to register throughout the winter months.

Captains please remind your team members:

  • To start recording their miles. Let’s get back from the Moon!
  • That the Field House track is now available to Globe Walkers (courtesy of our sponsor – the Investors Group!) every Tuesday and Thursday 1pm – 2pm. Globe Walkers must tell the front desk that they are a Globe Walker. Please have them pick up their identification from the desk inside the front door of the track. Also, tell your team members that the Field House track will NOT be available on Thursday, January 21st due to another Field House event.
  • That the Martensville Athletic Pavilion track is also available for Globe Walkers every Wednesday, 1pm-2pm.
  • To have fun and have an active January!


Allan Trotters Allan 18
Barn Burners Warman 40
Bentley Bombers Saskatoon 5
Brandtwood Estates Phase 1 Saskatoon 8
Brandtwood Saskatoon 9
Bridge City SeniorAction Inc. Saskatoon 43
Cargonauts Saskatoon 178
Century Club Saskatoon 12
Chalet Garden Go’ers Saskatoon 9
Circle Drive Pacers Saskatoon 45
Clavet Globe Walkers Clavet 20
Columbian Place Saskatoon 8
Cosmic Peace Pilgrims Saskatoon 19
Cosmo Comets Saskatoon 16
Dalmeny Dominaters Dalmeny 30
Duck Lake Walking Group Duck Lake 10
Emmanuel Baptist FIM Group Saskatoon 7
Emmanuel Mushers Saskatoon 22
Fit After Fifty Saskatoon 15
Forever in Motion Over 50 Delisle 12
Genessee Gogetters Saskatoon 20
Golden Keys and Keyettes Saskatoon 14
Happy Feet Saskatoon 2
Happy Soles Walking Group Saskatoon 9
Hector Trouters Saskatoon 20
Hokey Pokeys Saskatoon 25
Holiday Park Saskatoon 20
Humboldt Healthy Hearts Humboldt 25
Ilarion RAVS Saskatoon 75
J Team Saskatoon 25
Legendelles Warman 20
Liberty Leggers Saskatoon 8
Martensville Marchers Martensville 20
Mayfair Movers Saskatoon 5
McClurePlace Saskatoon 65
Motion Movers Borden 9
North Polers Saskatoon 20
Nutana Moonwalkers Saskatoon 20
Parkview Place Delisle 9
Pezer’s Powerful SCOA Team Saskatoon 36
Preston Park Saskatoon 25
Probus walkers Saskatoon 40
Pussy Cats saskatoon 5
Red Hat Mallies Saskatoon 10
Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association Saskatoon 625
SCOA 2016 Saskatoon 40
Scott Forget Team Saskatoon 15
Senior Steppers Allan 13
Sierras High Steppers Saskatoon 70
Skrapek Strollers Saskatoon 53
St James Place Saskatoon 11
St Louis St Louis 10
St Volodymyr Saskatoon 30
Stubble Jumpers Saskatoon 4
Team Kilburn Saskatoon 20
The Hot to Trot-ters Saskatoon 20
The Palisades Saskatoon 25
The Paws Saskatoon 30
Tower Trekkers Saskatoon 4
Tracker Jackers Saskatoon 8
Trendy Treaders Saskatoon 14
Trinity Manor at Stonebridge Saskatoon 40
Tuscany Ridge Saskatoon 16
Two Friends Saskatoon 2
Villa Royale Saskatoon 20
Winsome walkers Saskatoon 6
Wolfies on the Move Saskatoon 14


We are grateful for the support received from Investors Group, Dakota Dunes Community Development, Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association, Forever in Motion and City of Saskatoon. Their support makes our Globe Walk FREE to all participants.


Sheila Angelstad, Project Coordinator

Seniors’ Globe Walk

Saskatoon Council on Aging Inc.


2020 College Dr.

Saskatoon, SK S7N 2W4

Phone: 306.652.0027

Fax: 306.652.7525


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