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The West Coast Parks

We made it to Kluane in January (on our map).  Since we are nearing the end of February, I have to speed up the parks reports so that the information can catch up with us  🙂

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Eagles and seabirds fly above the Salish Sea The waters teem with seals, otters, orcas and porpoises. Kayak, hike or cycle in a paradise with rare eco-systems in the only Mediterranean-like climate in Canada. Gulf Islands are laced with trails leading to mountaintop viewpoints, lighthouses, and reminders of First Nations and pioneer pasts.  This park is accessible by BC Ferries, or reached by water taxi, private boat or kayak.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve represents the Pacific Coast Mountains landscape which is characterized by rugged coasts and temperate rainforests.  It is a haven for surfers and windsurfers.  Watch winter breakers crash on a rocky shore line, or enjoy a summer walk along endless beaches.   The rugged West Coast Trail is on may hikers bucket list.  It is a a 5-7 day hike.  You may well hear ancient legends told around the campfire by Guardians of the West Coast Trail.

This unique park composed of three sections – Long Beach, the West Coast Trail and the Broken Group of Islands – that feature sandy beaches, island archipelagos, temperate rainforests and important archaeological sites.  A popular destination is the town of Tofino (best clam chowder).

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

Massive moss-draped cedar and Sitka spruce tower above the ancient carved poles and fallen longhouses on the rainforest islands of Gwaii Haanas. Bald Eagles dominate the skies, bears scavenge salmon on beaches and the ocean teems with breaching whales, porpoises and sea lions. This is a remote landscape protected by Parks Canada and the Haida people.

It combines a time-capsule look at abandoned Haida villages with hot springs, amazing natural beauty and some of the continent’s best kayaking.  Access to the park is by boat or plane only.

For more information about hiking in these beautiful parks see the following: