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Remember, 8000 kilometers represents one quarter of the actual kilometers on our route (32,000 km), not the number that our teams actually accumulated.  Note that we are slightly short of 8,000 km goal for January.  Not all of our teams have reported, so I hope that will change.

January Progress

The total kilometers actually logged in January was 171, 355. 

If we are going to make our goal, we need to pick up the pace from now until April.   If everyone ups their game slightly we can make up the kilometres.  Go Globe Walkers!

Great job, everyone!


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On to Jasper …

Jasper is Banff’s laid back cousin.  It is less crowded and commercial but has plenty of it’s own charms.  Like Banff, it has an abundance of wild life and natural beauty, but they also have a skywalk and the hottest hot springs (Miette) in the Rockies and all terrain snow coaches to take you to the Athabaska Glacier.

The park extends over 11,000 square km, and has an extensive trail network, including guided interpretive trails.  For trail information and maps go to the following link:



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Take a walk in Paradise!


Join us on our annual Family Day Outdoor Walk.    It is a week from today (February 18th).  The walk will take place from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  We will meet at the Forestry Farm.    You can walk as little or as much as you like.  Or – walk a little, warm up with free hot chocolate and great company at the Superintendent’s House, and then walk some more!

Either way – I hope you all plan to join us.  Bring your family and friends.  This is an inter-generational (free) event.  Everyone is welcome.

Let’s celebrate our Winter City!


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Attention All Globe Walkers …

There are no track closures in February

Some Globe Walkers who use the Field House track have been asking about February 12th and February 13th.  While there is a track meet on those days, it doesn’t start until after 3:30 – the Globe Walk is finished by then.

If there is any issue that you should know, I will contact your captains and they will let you know (or in the case of the SCOA team, I will notify you myself).

Any Globe Walk changes or updates will also be posted here (a good reason to check back often) and you can pick up a copy of the Field House schedule (including closures) at their front desk.

So – no worries – I will see you next week as always.  🙂

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Captains – Please Report

I have reopend the January Stats link (Captains Page) open for the week-end since many of our Captains have not reported their January miles yet.

If you are waiting on some of your team members, just make an estimate and correct it next month.

If you have any trouble with the reporting page or if you have any questions, please give me a call at 306 652-0027.

Thanks Captains – Your efforts are appreciated by all Globe Walkers.


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Go North Young Man (or Woman) …

We have arrived at Wood Buffalo National Park, which straddles Alberta and the North West Territories.  It is the largest park in Canada (and second largest globally).  What is special about this UNESCO World Heritage site?

  • Wood Buffalo Park contains the only natural nesting habitat for the endangered whooping crane
  • It is home to the world’s largest beaver dam,  – discovered in the park using satellite imagery – it is more that twice the length of the manmade Hoover dam
  • It is the world’s largest dark-sky preserve
  • You can swim in a huge Karst sink hole or hike on the salt plains
  • Has a trail system that offers short, relaxing strolls, day hikes and more challenging overnight adventures.

It is home to an amazing array of wildlife – bears, wolves, moose, lynx, marten, wolverines, foxes, beavers, snowshoe hares, sandhill cranes, hawks, eagles and owls and red-sided garter snakes and, of course, it is named after the largest  free-roaming wild bison herd in the world.

For maps and information on  the hiking trails go to:

Remember – you have 44,807 square kilometres to roam on.  Enjoy!