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The Importance of Fitness for Older Adults


The Importance of Fitness in the Older Adult

Becoming active – especially as an older adult – can energize our mood, relieve stress and anxiety, help manage symptoms of illness and pain and improve our overall feelings of well being.

  • To keep independence in everyday living for as long as you possibly can.
    “Not adding years to your life but rather adding life to your years”
  • To allow you to continue doing all the things that you love to do – and to have the strength andenergy to learn new things as well.
  • To reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease – improving the immune system, which also help with High BP, obesity, digestive functions, loss of bone and muscle mass, some forms of cancer etc.
  • To reduce the risk of falling and fracturing and/or breaking bones
    • by creating stronger muscles, better flexibility, greater mobility and greater balance as well as increasing bone density.
  • To increase stamina and energy
  • To improve your sleep – as exercise can help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply and waking up more energetic and refreshed.
  • For weight loss and/or weight maintenance – by increasing the metabolism (which decreases considerably as we age) by building more muscle mass which, in turn, burns more calories.
  • For the control and management of many medical conditions – such as Parkinson’s and osteoarthritis – exercise is paramount.
  • Exercise does amazing things for your brain!’
    • helps reduce anxiety and depression
    • improves feelings of well-being
    • boosts mood and self-confidence
    • gives more energy with feelings of being more alert and sharper
    • helps prevent memory loss and some cognitive decline.
      • (Dee Simpson, Personal Trainer, Vintage Fitness)

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Upcoming Events

There are great things happening at the Saskatoon Council on Aging that many of you might be interested in.  For more information or to purchase tickets or register for a class call the SCOA office at 652-2255  Spaces are limited.


Caregiver Workshop –  “Guide to Stress Reduction

Sept 21st – 1-3 pm – Saskatoon Field House (Rm. 3)



Watercolour Berry Class (Supplies included)

Sept 24th – 1-4 pm  – Saskatoon Field House (Rm. 3)

spotlightSpotlight on Seniors

Oct 10th  9 am-3 pm  TCU Place

zoomer_logoBest of Zoomer Idol

Oct 25th  Western Development Museum:  Reception at 5 pm

SCOAlogoSmallOlder Adults Life Skills Workshop

Nov 1st  1-3 pm – Saskatoon Field House (Rm. 3)



MARCH 21, 2019

Western Development Museum

  6:30-10:00 pm








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Get ready for Globe Walk 2019

more people

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and active) summer.  Fall is upon us and that means planning the 2019 Globe Walk, with a new theme and new challenges.  We look forward to welcoming back all of last year’s awesome teams and adding some new ones.  Check back often for all Globe Walk news and updates as well as information of interest to older adults.


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Medal Counts (Globe Walk Olympic Challenge)

Congratulations to all Globe Walkers, and thanks to all Captains.  You outdid yourselves!  To date the following medals have been reported:

gold-medal-500x500 GOLD MEDALS – 1290

Silver-Medal-PNG-HD_grandeSILVER MEDALS – 1271

 9519388-set-of-golden-silver-and-bronze-medals-with-ribbonsBRONZE MEDALS – 1108

This year 2815 Globe Walkers logged a total of 505,997 miles 

Great job everyone!  See you in January for Globe Walk 2019.  In the meantime,  don’t forget to check the website over the summer for postings of things that interest older adults – and don’t forget to like and share!

Thanks to the Globe Walk committee members, our sponsors, partners, volunteers and the SCOA staff. 

Have a wonderful, active and healthy summer.  

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Globe Walk Makes The News


Our windup event – the Celebration Luncheon – took place yesterday and was a great success.  We had a full house once again.

The Star Phoenix interviewed our keynote speaker – Olympic Ambassador Colette
Bourgonje – as well as some of our very active Globe Walk participants who are over 90 years old.

You can read the article here:

Colette brought her Olympic medals and other memorabilia for display and as a great backdrop for some wonderful photo opportunities with her.  We were fortunate to have her as our guest at the luncheon.

Her message was all about setting goals – something that Globe Walkers have done a great job at.  Over the last 5 years almost 11,000 Globe Walkers have earned nearly 2 million miles!

As another Globe Walk comes to an end I want to thank all the Captains, team members, volunteers, organizers, sponsors and supporters for making Globe Walk 2018 a huge success.

I look forward to a new Globe Walk goal coming in 2019.  Have a wonderful summer.



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Another Awesome Globe Walk Event

We were moving to the beat at the April Globe Walk event.  Kimberly Willison (FIM) led about 65-70 Globe Walkers in “Cardio Drumming”.  It was so much fun that some of our teams decided that they should include it in their programs at their residences or as part of their fitness programs.

In case you wondered – those pool noodles, surprisingly, make a lot of noise!

Eva Shabits, co-captain of the CARG team won the 50/50 draw.  In the true spirit of Globe Walk – she then donated most of it back to us.  So – congratulations & thank-you to Eva.


Watch for more photos to come.


Don’t miss our annual wind up.  Our Olympic Ambassador, Colette Bourgonje, will be our guest speaker and her story is truly inspiring!

Additionally, our Mayor will be there to address Globe Walkers, and we will be entertained by “The Difference” (Gillian Snider & Neil Currie – two well known Saskatoon musicians).

Tickets available at the SCOA office. $15 for Globe Walkers and $20 for guests – the best deal in town!