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Exciting News for Globe Walk

Globe Walk is “Going for Gold” along with our Canadian athletes in the 2018 Winter  Olympics/Paralympics.  In that vein, we were looking for special people to act as  special Olympic Ambassadors.  WE FOUND THEM!

We are honoured that Colette Bourgonje and Dave King have agreed to act as our Olympic Ambassadors for Globe Walk 2018.

Collette PosterDave 2

Dave King is widely considered one of the most influential hockey coaches in Canada and will be on the coaching staff for Team Canada at the 2018 Olympics.

Colette Bourgonje is a 10-time medal winning Paralympic athlete and a former teacher with Saskatoon Public Schools. Recently the new Rosewood school in Saskatoon was named after her.

I will post more complete bios of our wonderful Olympic Ambassadors in the near future.robertabondar-head-shot

Dr. Roberta Bondar (Canada’s first female astronaut) will continue as  Globe Walk’s Ambassador.







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Today’s Inspiration – Peace Corps volunteer

Alice Carter 2Meet Alice Carter.  She is 88 years old.  Until a couple of years ago, Alice Carter was was tutoring inner-city kids and helping with church dinners. You might think that she would choose to do less as she aged.

But she wanted something different than the standard slow paced life of many in their their senior years. So  in 2015 Carter began serving as a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Morocco.  She is their oldest working volunteer. 

Alice say that she has had an interest in the Peace Corps since 1960 when then-President Kennedy urged young Americans to get involved in peace and progress around the world.  She responded 50 years later. 

 Her two year term ends this year.




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Our inspiration of the day is John Lowe who took up ballet at the age of 80 after watching his granddaughter’s dance recital.  He had his first starring role as a professional dancer when he was 88 years old. At 96, he was still dancing.

Lowe was a prisoner of war during WWII.  He endured three and half years of starvation in Japanese prison camps.  After the war he became a teacher and a theater director. 

John says that ballet enables him to keep his spine straight and to trick time.  His motto is “Find something that will completely change your  life”.




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What is your fitness age?

How old are you?  Before you jump to the quick answer – the number that you celebrate each year with an increasing amount of candles on the cake – know that you have another age that is more important:  your fitness age.

Your fitness age takes into account your respiratory health and is made up of components including heart rate, waist circumference, exercise routine and more.

Why is it important?  The lower your fitness age is from your actual age the higher your chances of living a long life.  Best of all, you can change your fitness age through exercise.

Researcher Ulrik Wisloff (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)  designed a fitness age calculator.   It is available online at:

Try it out!  Motivate yourself to lower your fitness age.







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Globe Walk will be “Going for Gold” in 2018

I thought I would add Winter Olympic Trivia feature to our blog.  Enjoy 🙂

Chamonix-Winter-Olympics 1

In 1908, figure skating events were held at the London Summer Games.  Ice Hockey made its debut at the 1920 summer Games.


In 1921 the IOC agreed to stage an “International Sports Week” in Chamonix, France, in 1924.  It was such a success that it was retroactively named the 1st Winter Olympics.1st-winter-olympics


The Canadian ice-hockey team won all five of its matches, outscoring its opponents 110 to 3.