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From the Mayo Clinic … Protecting fingers & toes in the winter

Winter’s chill can be especially hard on the fingers and toes if you have arthritis or a condition such as Raynaud’s disease that affects blood circulation. To maintain warmth and comfort:
  • Encourage circulation — Wiggle or massage your fingers and toes. Move your arms in a windmill circle or shake your arms and legs.
  • Choose mittens — Mittens offer more warmth than do gloves. Look for a pair that’s insulated with wool or fleece.
  • Double up — Wear two pairs of socks. For the layer closest to your skin, look for a moisture wicking fabric. On top, choose a wool or wool-blend sock.
  • Carry hand and foot warmers — Small charcoal or chemical packs that generate a low level of heat can be placed in your mittens, socks or boots. Battery-powered options also are available. You can find warmers of all types in many sporting goods stores.
  • Warm with water — Soak your hands or feet in warm — not hot — water or place cold hands under running warm water.
  • Try specialty gloves — Therapeutic gloves designed for people with Raynaud’s disease may help.
  • Exercise regularly — Regular physical activity helps increase blood flow to the body’s tissues.
  • Don’t smoke — Smoking narrows the blood vessels, which can restrict circulation.
If the cold is bothersome despite your efforts, talk to your doctor. Let your doctor know if your fingers or toes feel numb or painful, or turn white or blue

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Try Tai Chi at Globe Walk’s March Event

This is a FREE event.  Refreshments provided.

March 18, 2020  – 1:00—3:00 pm (Doors open at 12:30 pm)

McClure United Church 4025 Taylor St. E., Saskatoon

Another two-in-one Globe Walk event is coming!  You are invited to our St. Paddy’s After Party.  It will be both fun and educational.

Our speaker, Functional Aging Specialist Shelley Turk, will address the benefits and challenges of physical activity for active agers.

tai chi

That will be followed by our physical activity – a session of Tai Chi, which is practiced by millions of older adults all over the world.  Don’t miss your chance to try it out.

Reserve Your Spot Now – Call Beth at 306 652-0027 or Email:

Click the following link to view the poster:  Tai Chi Poster

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A Good Time Was Had By All ….

PatGlobe Walk’s social event for the month of February was a huge success.  About 100 Globe Walkers attended.  They enjoyed a talk on “Nutrition for Older Adults”, then took part in a question & answer session .  That was followed by a session in “Oriental Dance”, which involved sticks and circles of people moving in opposite directions.  I think we all had two left feet at first – but by the end of the session we were performance ready 🙂 .  We were also treated to a demonstration of “whirling” as a meditation.

Thanks to our speaker, Seshni Naidoo and instructor Pat Prokopchuk, and her assistants.  Thanks also to our great Globe Walk Committee members (Candace, Janet, Ron, Sheldon, and Kimberly and Joyce) who volunteered to help at the event.

Don’t miss our next social event which will be held at McClure Church (1-3 pm) on March 18th.  It will feature a Tai Chi theme.  Check back soon for more info.  If you would like to register for the event, call Beth at (306) 652-0027 or email




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Regina Globe Walk March Event

Regina Globe Walk 2020 Social Event

Let’s Participate


Thursday, March 5, 2020

Cathedral Neighbour Centre – 2900 13th Avenue, Regina

1:30 – 3:30 pm

Featuring:  Ageless Grace with Alison Singharath


Line Dancing by Dorothy Fitzer

297-2977270_country-dance-transparent-cartoons-line-danceRegister with your Team Captain by February 28, 2020

For More Information Visit the Website:

Or Call Alice the Regina Globe Walk Project Coordinator (306) 522-124

Regina Globr Walk


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Kilometres for January

Good Work Globe Walkers 

Our Globe Walk teams reported a total of  204,775 kilometres earned for the month of January! When we apply the Globe Walk formula, we are about a quarter of the way to our goal. 

Let’s try to break that record in February (Short month – but we can do it, just take a few more steps every day 🙂 ).

A shout out to the Regina Globe Walkers – they covered 15,990 kilometres – a great start for our friends in the Capital city in their first year!

January Map 2

We have passed Machu Picchu and are well on the way to Brazil and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio (see earlier post for info on the destination).  Check back soon for the next destination information posting – Taj Mahal in India.

And don’t forget to follow us (enter your email on the right side of the page).  You will be the first to get updates.  We enjoy likes on facebook too 🙂

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Former GWAmbassador Vera Pezer TV Interview

Vera Pezer has been involved with curling as an athlete, coach and analyst for seven decades. Now the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame inductee is readying to cheer on teams when the Scotties return to Moose Jaw.  (global news)Image result for vera pezer

Follow the Link Below to Watch the Interview.

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Heading for our next destination – Brazil

The next stop on our journey is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This World Wonder, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, is located at the summit of Mount Corcorvada, overlooking the city. While it is the youngest of our seven wonders, it is no less spectacular.  The statue’s gesture is viewed as one of peace & welcoming. 


Here are some interesting facts about the statue of Christ the Redeemer:

  1. Each year, Christ the Redeemer is visited by nearly 2 million people. The record number of visitors to the statue in a single day was a huge 14,000 during Easter of 2011.
  2. Housing prices in Rio de Janeiro are increased simply if the property has a view of Christ the Redeemer. Apartments with even a slight view of the statue are higher than those with the same location and size but no view.
  3. You can get married at the chapel beneath Christ the Redeemer, although wearing full wedding attire on the slow trip to the top of the mountain (cog train to an elevator to an escalator) may not be everyone’s idea of romance
  4. Due to the statue’s mountaintop position, it’s prone to lightning strikes.  In 2014, lightning struck and broke one of the statue’s thumbs
  5. Christ the Redeemer’s outer shell is made of 6 million soapstone tiles. Workers wrote notes on the back of the tiles, so this icon landmark is full of hidden messages.
  6. A couple of acrobatic graffiti artists scaled the statue while it was being renovated and vandalized the head, arms, and chest. Rio’s mayor called the act a “crime against the nation.” The vandals eventually turned themselves in.
  7. A Brazilian artist  wrote a song inspired by the monument called “That Hug”
  8. Christ the Redeemer reaches a height of 30 metres and boasts and arm span of 28 metres.  It weighs 635 tonnes. It’s one of the largest statues of Jesus and the tallest art deco statue in the world.
  9. Construction of the statue took 9 years from 1922-1931.  The cost ($250,000 US) was paid for by the Christian community, not through taxes.