Fitness Trends Through the Decades – with Kimberly Willison Kimberly Willison: Kimberly has her degree in Recreation Studies from the University of Manitoba with a minor in Kinesiology and an Option in Aging. She is a Senior Recreation Therapist with the Saskatoon Health Region and oversees the Forever…in motion program. She has been teaching fitness classes for over 25 years as a SPRA... Continue Reading →

Moving Through Time - 1920's - 1940's with Brenda Bennett. Brenda Bennett has owned and operated Brenda’s School of Baton & Dance in Saskatoon for 38 years.  During that time she has taught hundreds of students age 2-92….(plus)!    Whether students dance and twirl recreationally or go on to perform as professionals or represent their county…the... Continue Reading →

SCOA Globe Walk: “Weebles Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down!” Staying Strong and Balanced

Dr. Cathy Arnold is a Professor and Director at the School of Rehabilitation Science, University of Saskatchewan. She is a licensed physical therapist in Saskatchewan since 1984 and has been on faculty at the U of S since 1997. Her research has spanned a range of topics related to fall prevention for older adults including... Continue Reading →

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