Luther Tower Globe Walkers

Holding our Trail Badges Starting front right:  Joey Jacquemart, Clara Hoffart, Sophia Simpson, Betty Wood, Steven Gyorgy, Richard Bellamy, Marilyn Wornuik, Lorraine Harilstad, June Carlson, Elsie Livingston, Marjorie Whitson, Helen Jones, Ila Hlasny, Donna Gash, Donna Garrett, Yoka de Bruijn,  Allan Grundahl, Jim Gash, Norma Ruholl, Olive MacInnis

Pilot Butte

I met a friend in Deer Valley for a walk. I saw that the trail passes through the valley.Although it was an overcast day, just being outside with a good friend was refreshing. Pilot Butte - Forever in Motion - Cheryl

Probus Club of Saskatoon Bridges

Shirley and Bernie Karstad enjoy some of their winter walks along along the Great Trail (in Gabriel Dumont Park) along the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. The trails are well groomed so that social distance can be maintained. We are happy to be part of the SCOA walking group and Probus Club of Saskatoon Bridges.

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