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More Globe Walk Trail Adventures – Gem Lakes Trail

The Gems are only one corner of the Narrow Hills Provincial Parks, east of Candle Lake.  It’s called “Gem Lakes trail” because it loops around a small, sparkling group of lakes named after precious stones—Jade, Diamond, Opal, Sapphire and Pearl.  What makes them unique is that they have absolutely no inlets or outlets, but are fed entirely by underground aquifers. There is a hiking trail connecting each lake and three separate wilderness campsites on Jade, Diamond and Opal Lakes.



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Captains – See you at 1:30 today.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season.  Now it’s time to do something about all the extra goodies we consumed 🙂

The Globe Walk Launch for 2019 is today at 1:30.  I hope you make it.  Along with presenting 2019 information, I am really excited about our Captain’s gift this year.

Remember – although the launch is today – you can count your kilometers starting on January 1st.


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Best of the season Globe Walkers

We are looking forward to a fun, successful Globe Walk starting in January.  For those of you who haven’t registered yet –  it’s not too late to be part of a great health & fitness winter program. Come into the SCOA office or call 306 652-2255  after the holiday and we can help you meet your New Year’s resolutions 🙂untitled


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More Globe Walk Destinations (before the Prince Albert National Park)


The trails just 17km north of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan on Highway 11 offer a gEb's Trail Duck Lakereat day escape from the city. There are 52km of trails that intersect throughout the network.  These trails are specifically designed for Nordic or Cross-country skiing and in the winter can only be used by skiers.  If you don’t own a pair of ski’s there are many places that will rent you a pair for the day.

While this trail system is qualified within Central Saskatchewan, it looks nothing like the prairies of the south. Just on the edge of the boreal forest, it offers pituresque scenery of the forest only 60 minutes from Saskatoon.


Batoche National Historic Site

Beautiful trails, guided tourmaxresdefaults, interpretive signage, historic silhouettes and viewing areas offer a glimpse into the historic battle between the Metis and First Nations, and General Middleton’s Canadian Forces.


Fort Carlton

Fort Carlton was an important hub for theFort Carlton Provincial Park - teepees Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) from 1810 – 1885. Located on the North Saskatchewan River and with easy access by land, this site was an ideal place to warehouse goods and gather provisions for other posts.

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Sale on Globe Walk Lanyards or Globe Walk merchandise

We only have a few lanyards left.  Purchase one before closing (4:30 pm Thursday, December 2oth)  and it is half price at $10.00.  A great stocking stuffer – the gift of health!

You can also purchase a Globe Walk bag or a Globe Walk wrist wallet (perfect for carrying keys/cash while you walk) for $5.00 each.


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Local trails to get Globe Walkers started …


EXPLORING CANADA’S NATIONAL PARKS (and places in between) – Save these suggestions and start counting kilometers on January 1, 2019.  I will post more ideas on a continuing basis.

Before we head for our first National Park (Prince Albert), some of you might like to check off a few kilometres locally.  Here are some suggestions.  Remember, you can plan your goal by choosing as many trails as you like.  Since this is a digital trip –  you can alternate between great winter hikes and warm summer ones.

Meewasin Valley Trail

80 Kilometres of riverbank paths wind through the city along the banks of the mighty South Saskatchewan river. They are beautiful all year, but become a winter wonderland once the snow flies.  Kick sled, bike, walk, or cross country ski.  A good place to count kilometres before we hit the road.

meewasin_kicksledmeewasin_bikeCrossCountrySkiers ebs trail


Chief Whitecap Waterway

Wait for summer – but this is a spectacular portion on The Great Trail with more than 100 kilometres of untouched river valleys between the Gardiner Dam and Saskatoon. The water flow from the Gardiner Dam makes the trip a breathtaking one-way journey from south to north

Chief Whitecap Waterway


Wanuskewin Heritage Park

wanuskewanWanuskewin offers a great 6 kilometer day hike, just outside Saskatoon .Make sure you visit the  different historical locations in park, including two buffalo jump sites.










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Winter in Saskatchewan

As someone who is not fond of winter – I am enjoying the above average temperatures.  However, I remind myself that thing can (and no doubt will) quickly change.  A look back in history gives us a reminder – it can always be worse! 🙂

Worst Blizzard in Canadian Railway History – January 30 to February 8, 1947. A ten-day blizzard buried towns and trains from Winnipeg to Calgary, causing some Saskatchewan roads and rail lines to remain plugged with snow until spring. Children stepped over power lines to get to school and built tunnels to get to the outhouse. A Moose Jaw farmer had to cut a hole in the roof of his barn to get in to feed his cows.Winter of 1947

Watch for Globe Walk trail updates later today.