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Walk the Wonders of the World


Join Us On A New Globe Walk Adventure Starting January 2020

Globe Walk 2020 is fast approaching!  If you are 50+ years – challenge yourself and motivate others to take part in a fun winter fitness program – with a bonus of great social activities. You’ll stay active and work with your team to achieve an awesome  new Globe Walk goal.   This year we plan to visit the Wonders of the World .

Click “NEWS” (top of page) for updates plus fitness & motivational stories

Stroll or roll, hike or bike, swim or gym …

Your favourite form of activity will help Globe Walk reach new heights in 2020.  1300 steps counts as 1 kilometer. For those who prefer activities that can’t be measured in steps or distance, you can log 2 kilometers  for every 30 minutes of physical activity.    We’ll begin the challenge in January 2020 and continue counting kilometers until April 30, 2020.  Any type of physical activity counts toward the goal.

 Its easy and fun to track your kilometers.

At the end of each month you will give your team captain your total steps, distance  traveled or amount of time spent in physical activity for that month.  You can download a tracking calendar from the Captains page or pick one up at the SCOA office.  Team Captains will submit team totals to the SCOA Globe Walk Coordinator.

We encourage the use of fitness tracking devices, pedometers or cell phone apps to help you keep track of your efforts as well as motivate you to reach your goals.

No team? No problem!

Join the SCOA Team. Call 306-652-2255 and ask to join the SCOA Globe Walk Team.

Let’s get motivated!

Saskatoon Captains Team Register 2020 Link 

Regina Captains Team Register 2020 Link 


Captains –  Click on one of the above links to register your SCOA Globe Walk Team for 2020.  You will be contacted by email with all of our Globe Walk updates.






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  1. I could not open the link to register, Nutana Globe Walkers have 42 people to register.
    June Toovey, Captain

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