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Canada’s Oldest Man

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Robert Wiener rarely misses a day of exercise. He spends half an hour riding on his adapted stationary bike daily, 15 minutes flat, 15 minutes on an incline.

He also does weights every day, but calls himself lazy for skipping some of his stretches.

Wiener can be forgiven for missing a workout — he turned 110 last week, making this remarkable man Canada’s oldest living person.

Wiener’s eyesight is going and so is his hearing. But his mind — and memory — are completely intact.  Wiener has never been seriously ill.

He is one of five supercentenarions (over 110).

He swears by a Mediterranean diet, eating fish four times a week, but admitting to having a steak every once in awhile.

Reflecting on his life, he says his secret is simple.

“Just go about being nice to other people I suppose. Don’t be nasty. Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

CTV Montreal

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