Globe Walk is going exploring!

The Globe Walk Committee has chosen the theme for our 2019 destination.  I am excited!

After trips to space and then an Olympic focus, we decided that it would be exciting to return to one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth – Canada!



We will start in Saskatchewan, head west, then do a northern route , come down the east coast, then through Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and back home.  We will also take some interesting “side” trips (we have dozens of National Historic sites and thousands of fascinating places).

I will be posting lots of photos of the places we visit.  I will also update our progress as we go.

Watch for updates on the planned route (in the works).

I hope everyone will be as enthusiastic as I am and will be motivated to put in the miles to help complete the 2019 Globe Walk trek across our great country.

Captains – encourage your team to help us complete our National Park journey.


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