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Medal Counts (Globe Walk Olympic Challenge)

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Congratulations to all Globe Walkers, and thanks to all Captains.  You outdid yourselves!  To date the following medals have been reported:

gold-medal-500x500 GOLD MEDALS – 1290

Silver-Medal-PNG-HD_grandeSILVER MEDALS – 1271

 9519388-set-of-golden-silver-and-bronze-medals-with-ribbonsBRONZE MEDALS – 1108

This year 2815 Globe Walkers logged a total of 505,997 miles 

Great job everyone!  See you in January for Globe Walk 2019.  In the meantime,  don’t forget to check the website over the summer for postings of things that interest older adults – and don’t forget to like and share!

Thanks to the Globe Walk committee members, our sponsors, partners, volunteers and the SCOA staff. 

Have a wonderful, active and healthy summer.  


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