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The Canadian medal count was great – our best ever showing in a Winter Olympics.  We came home with:  11 Gold, 8 Silver and 10 Bronze medals.  Our hockey team, coached by our Olympic Ambassador, Dave King, took the bronze.  Way to go Canada!  Congratulations to our athletes.

Next up:  The Paralympics start on March 8, 2018.   Make sure you cheer them on.  Our team was third overall at the last winter Olympics.  Our Olympic Ambassador, Colette Bourgonje, took a bronze and a silver in the 2010 games in Vancouver.  Check out this short You Tube video  on Paralympic athletes:  Awesome!  .

Then it’s our turn.    We are half way through our Globe Walk “games” and the miles earned, so far this year, are higher than this time last year.  So keep up the good work!  Let’s set a new Globe Walk record this year.

Even though our medals are virtual, and our audience is smaller – our efforts motivate and inspire hundreds of older adults.

At the end of April, I will post the Globe Walk results on the website.  They will also be featured at the Celebration Luncheon.

Let’s see how many medals we can earn.  The best part is that every one earned represents not only our effort, but better health.  You can’t beat that!  Good Luck everyone.


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