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January STATS for Captains Only

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Greetings Captains:

It’s just about time to submit your January Team STATS! 

Starting on FEBRUARY 1st through to the DEADLINE of FEBRUARY 7th Captains will be able to enter their total team January miles.

Your January team miles must be submitted between February 1st and February 7th. Any team member submissions received after February 7th will be added to your February Team STATs.

When Captains have received ALL of their team member miles for January and are ready to submit their final January team miles number, click on this link JANUARY TOTAL TEAM STATS. You will be asked your Team Name, Captain Name, Number of Team Members participating in January, and your total January Team Miles. This link will also be made available on the front page of our website at

The link will only be open from Feb 1st to Feb7th, 2016. Only Captains can enter team miles!

When the January STATS Form comes up, complete the form and hit SUBMIT. You will NOT receive an automated reply message when you submit but your miles will be recorded. You will only submit your total January Team Miles once.

We are grateful for the financial support received from Investors Group, Dakota Dunes Community Development, Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association, Forever in Motion and City of Saskatoon. Their support makes our Globe Walk free to all participants.

SCOA is celebrating their 25th anniversary on April 13, 2016 at the Western Development Museum. Celebrations will have an “Age Friendly Theme”. There will be a delicious lunch and entertainment! Call SCOA at 603-652-2255 to book your tickets.

Sheila Angelstad, Project Coordinator

Seniors’ Globe Walk

Saskatoon Council on Aging Inc.

“Celebrating 25 years in 2016”

2020 College Dr.

Saskatoon, SK S7N 2W4

Phone: 306.652.0027

Fax: 306.652.7525


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