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Welcome to the 3rd annual Seniors Globe Walk

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In January 2015, the Seniors Globe Walk registered  60 teams. The project ended with over 1789 people registered on 60 teams. At the end of April the goal – to the Moon!! –  was achieved and over 285, 525 miles were logged.

This year the 3rd annual Seniors Globe Walk will run from January 4, 2016 until April 30, 2016. Teams will MOTIVATE each other to walk the equivalent distance of a return from the moon! Participants can stroll or roll, hike or bike, swim or gym; all forms of physical activity count. Each ½ hr of physical activity counts as one mile.

Captains can now register their teams online (with estimated number of team members). Go to the “About” page on our website and click on the Online Globe Walk Captain registration form link. You can also visit our “Download” page for hard copies of both the Captain and Participant registration forms, brochures, posters, calendars and much more!

Check Out Globe Walk Activities 2016

Mark your calendar

January 4       Captain’s Launch

February 15     Forestry Farm Family Walk

March 17         St Patrick’s Day Walk

April 18    Scavenger Hunt

May 13    Celebration Lunch

We are grateful for the financial support received from Investors Group, Dakota Dunes Community Development, Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association, Forever in Motion and City of Saskatoon. Their support makes our Globe Walk FREE to all participants.

Let’s keep active this winter!!


Seniors Globe Walk

Project Coordinator


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