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Saskatoon Seniors Globe Walk – Way to go teams!

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The Saskatoon Seniors’ Globe Walk is officially over for 2014.  It was a tremendous success that culminated in a wonderful Celebration Luncheon at Western Development Museum.

Special recognition was given in three categories:

1. The team with the most participants was The Sierras High Steppers with 110 people registered.  A big thanks to  Captain Loraine Burak for not only recruiting team members but also keeping them motivated. 2. Our eldest walker was Mrs. Olga Borsa (a school teacher in her younger years) – who is still very active and very involved in the exercise program at Ilarion. She was an enthusiastic participant in Globe Walk and makes a concerted effort and looks forward to keeping busy and active on a daily basis. She will be 101 years old in September 2014. WOW!!!!!

3.  The 40 members of the Bridge City Seniors Action Team averaged 250 miles per person.  Thank you to their Captain, Sharon Bibby for the obvious encouragement and support she gave to her team.


Final Statistics:

Total Miles – 145,538

47 teams were registered

888 females and 322 males participated in the Globe Walk.  Following is the breakdown of age categories:

50-59 years old: 112

60-69 years old: 315

70-79 years old: 398

80-89 years old: 307

90-99 years old:  76

100+ years old:     2



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