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Hello Globe Walkers! Month end is here and it is time for team members to submit their January Globe Walk totals.  We hope you’ve found some fun and innovative ways to get and stay physically active. Remember you can submit your totals in distance, steps, or time. Please get your totals in to your Team Captains as soon after January 31st as possible. We want to make sure we’ve traveled enough distance to get to Sochi for the opening of the Olympics on February 7th.

On Monday, February 17th join us for A Walk In The Park. The Saskatoon Seniors’ Globe Walk committee is sponsoring one of the events for Family In Motion Day. We’ll be at the Forestry Farm from 1:00 – 3:00 serving hot chocolate outside of the Superintendent’s Residence, giving away some prizes and showing you a couple of paths you can walk within the park. This is an inter-generational activity so bring your family and friends.

Keep checking this blog for more updates on the Globe Walk!


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